Supporting and enhancing individual and organizational mental well being through clinical practice, training, wellness program design, and corporate consulting.

Rebecca Brown, LCSW President

Fair winds are calm, steady, guiding forces. Whether changing direction or discovering an entirely new path forward, Fairwinds offers the support and insight needed to achieve critical goals. Through its highly customized approach to consulting, training, program design, and clinical practice, Fairwinds Counseling and Consulting, PLLC provides clients a steady guide with which to chart their own course. 


We recognize the growing need for professionals who understand how to help others navigate and heal from adversity and how to promote mental wellbeing in diverse settings. Now, more than ever,  in a world filled with uncertainty, Fairwinds has the opportunity to continue our passion of supporting individuals, groups, and organizations to grow and heal in a new context.  We believe the same foundational principles that can be applied to individual growth, can also be applied in organizations to mend systems, strengthen relationships, and improve outcomes. We provide consulting, program design, EAP clinical care, and training services to help clients understand that when they lose course, it may indicate a need for change in order to better align with their true intentions and purpose. The changing world and continued uncertainty about the future is providing the opportunity to take perspective, adapt, and function more effectively. Through adversity, there is always possibility, but sometimes we have to travel some choppy waters to find the fair winds again